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The New International Version

by Jeremy

It’s been over a month since the last post here, and that hiatus came about for several reasons.  First, the holiday season tends to be busy for everyone; second, my attention has been repeatedly drawn to other things when I had set aside time to work on this; third, I was temporarily missing the creative […]

Bible in a Year

by Jeremy

Just yesterday, I finished reading the entire Bible in a year—11 days early, in fact!  It has been quite an experience. Being me, I of course went a bit overboard, putting together a spreadsheet to divide up the readings very evenly (all things considered).  And I added in the apocrypha, since I’d never read most […]

The New American Standard Bible

by Jeremy

If the ASV occupies a place in my heart, then the New American Standard Bible occupies a place in my gallbladder. Now that I have your attention… let’s dial back that sentiment just a bit.  It is again held for personal reasons, and again I’ve never used this version as my go-to, daily use bible.  […]

The American Standard Version

by Jeremy

The American Standard Version occupies a special place in my heart, even though I’ve never used it as my go-to, daily-use Bible.  When I was a kid, I had the privilege to hear many sermons delivered by my dad (here’s an example, from one of his visits to Lincoln).  Throughout my childhood, and even when […]

The New King James Version

by Jeremy

Last time, we discussed the venerated King James Bible, its history, attributes, strengths, and flaws.  Some of its major drawbacks were addressed in 1982, through the updated New King James Version. Specifically, the English was adapted to better suit a modern audience—this is easily the most notable feature of this Bible in comparison to the […]